Waterproof Flooring in Tampa, FL

Waterproof Flooring in Tampa, FL

Whether you choose from carpet or vinyl flooring when remodeling your room, make sure you choose from our wide selection of waterproof flooring in Tampa, FL. With an active lifestyle, we can’t always predict spills, or how long it’s been since someone has taken the dog outside. From spills to pet accidents, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your flooring is protected. At Carpet Crafters Rug Company, you can choose from our wide variety of carpet or vinyl flooring products and relax the next time your child trips with a glass of juice in hand.

Defining the right sort of waterproof flooring for every room can be tricky without the help of our design team. We will take the time to inquire about your needs and desires in a flooring option. We want you to have the right floors that will serve you well for years to come. Say farewell to your shabby flooring and cover your surfaces with resilient carpet and vinyl.

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Water-Resistant Carpet and Vinyl Flooring

Carpets can be a tricky thing when there is a threat of moisture. You are always worried that it won’t dry underneath and mold will start to form. With our water-resistant carpet you just simply lay a towel over the spill, leave it for a few minutes, and it’s almost dry. It’s that uncomplicated.

Furthermore, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms are typically the wettest rooms in your house. Choosing the right waterproof flooring at Carpet Crafters Rug Company can make all the difference. Moisture under the floors can lead to structural damage. Having your subfloor wet for an extended period of time leads to rot and can jeopardize the integrity of your home.

This leads to a costly repair that can be avoided by selecting the right waterproof luxury vinyl planks or carpet. Have some fun bathing your kids, for instance, and don’t worry if they get water on the floor. Hey, life’s little accidents happen. Let waterproof products be the answer to a variety of household blunders.

Exceptional Flooring Installation

Even the most elegant floors can appear shabby when the installation isn’t completed properly. Rely on our skilled professionals to make sure that your home looks its best. We will ensure that your flooring is installed correctly every time. Our experienced flooring technicians have the capability to install your water-resistant vinyl flooring efficiently and in many cases, protect your warranty.

Contact us today at Carpet Crafters Rug Company for more information on the waterproof floors we offer. We proudly serve Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.