Choose Vinyl Flooring in Tampa, FL

Vinyl Flooring in Tampa, FL

If you were told that there is a type of flooring which comes in a dizzying array of styles and types which can be applied to every room in your home would you be astounded? Skeptical? Or would you want to learn more?

The truth is that this is not some fantasy dreamed up by creative marketers or over-zealous sales staff, it’s a pure fact. You can find vinyl flooring in Tampa, FL, for every room in your home. It comes in so many styles that to make an informed choice you will find yourself relying on the expertise of our friendly and knowledgeable team. They will help you find the precise type you want for your home or business. Vinyl comes in tile, sheet, and plank options, and at Carpet Crafters Rug Co., we carry them all.

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Something for Every Taste

Vinyl is produced in a very broad range of finishes and styles, which means you are sure to find something that appeals to you. The vinyl tile flooring we have in our inventory comes in finishes which replicate wood, stone, linen, or many other designs. Plus, it is comfortable so it’s pleasurable to walk on, and it’s very durable, water and scratch resistant, and extremely easy to clean. All of that means you won’t spend a lot of time on cleaning and maintenance.

One popular choice for those on a budget and corporate spaces is vinyl sheet flooring. It’s extremely affordable and requires little maintenance since it has very few seams and places for dirt and dust to get trapped. It’s easily installed in one piece or two and comes in unbroken patterns that provide design consistency and a flowing look which is easy on the eye.

If you crave the look of wood but want something that’s more viable for areas which get exposed to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens, then you should consider vinyl plank flooring. You can get the look you desire as these planks come in a variety of lengths and widths while replicating the finish of many different species of wood.

Having the Job Done Right

Once you have decided upon the right type of vinyl floor for you, the next consideration which should cross your mind is installation. As with most projects, it’s best to leave this to the professionals, like the ones you will find at Carpet Crafters Rug Co. Our vinyl flooring installation team has the experience you can rely upon for precise measurements and accurate placement. Your new floor will look great, and you will be glad.

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