Stair Runners in Tampa, FL

Stair Runners in Tampa, FL

A stairway makes a dramatic entrance, and is a wonderful oppurtinuty to add another design elament to your home. Whether your stairs are straight, curved, or angled, you can find the perfect selection for you requirements at our Tampa, FL show room. Our expertise and selection makes us one of the leading stair runners specialist in the country.

Our showroom has thousands of selections for you to choose from. If you do not find the perfect match, ask our experts to make a custom stair runner for you. To complete the look, we can provide you with a handsome area rug in the foyer or at the foot of the stairs.

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Custom Stair-Runner Maker with More than 80 years of Experience

Our flooring store has quite the reputation for making custom runners. In fact, our staff has the combined experience of more than 80 years in this area. We love the challenge a stairway poses so ask us to do custom work for your stairs. We are more than happy to oblige.

As with many items for your home, a stair runner has applications for both beauty and functionality. Choosing an interesting pattern in colors that complement your décor will make this a handsome focal point for your home.

On the practical side, adding this design element makes it safer to walk up and down the stairs. It protects against slipping and falling. In addition, a runner safeguards the hardwood or other hard surface that covers your stairs. This protects your stair case, as well as dampens any sound from shoes as people walk upstairs and downstairs.

Runners Useful in Many Areas of Your House

There are a number of other spaces in your home that would benefit from a hall runner. Brighten a dark hallway with carpet runners in light and bright patterns. Welcome guests with beautiful area rugs that keep dirt from tracking all over house. Place rugs in any space that need color, visual appeal, slip resistance, or noise dampening. Your house will thank you for it.

More Than 14,000 Selections in Stair Runners

In our flooring showroom, we have more than 14,000 selections in carpet and roll runners. We invite you into our store for browsing and inspiration. Know that our licensed designers and experienced sales professionals are available to help you choose from what is on hand or to make you custom stair or hallway runners. Each of the runners we craft for you is made to your specifications in the material, color, style, and size you choose. To finish your runners, we bind the edges of the rug for a coordinating finish.

We are proud to offer you such bounty in the variety of stair-runner options. Let our team help you find runners for hardwood or marble staircases in any shape and length. We have everything from animal prints to custom colors and patterns in a wide array of binding options.

Professional Installation Recommend for Your New Stair Runner

We recommend that you choose professional installation for your new stair runner. The runner goes on top of a pad that is placed on your stairs. Our installation experts carefully place the pad and runner and secure both so that they do not shift. To get an idea of the appearance of stair runners in your home or business, come visit our show room and see what we have to offer to help you make the best decision for your project.

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