Carpet / Rug Cleaning


When it comes to carpet and rug cleaning you won't find a company that is more experienced and dedicated to exceptional quality and service. We provide a full line  of cleaning methods. These include dry-cleaning, steam cleaning and stain removal for all types of wall to wall carpets.


Our area rug cleaning includes a comprehensive 7 step process to ensure a thorough cleaning. We clean every type of area rug from hand-knotted wool to shag and everything in between. 


Step 1: Dusting: Your rug will be secured in a frame and an intense blower will completely    blow out all the dust and particles from the rug. This is something that vaccuming could never accomplish. 

Step 2: Stain Treatments: We will apply all of the necessary stain treatments and pet odor neutralizers on all visible stains. We use eco-friendly products that are safe and will not hurt rug fibers. 

Step 3: Washing: The rug will be completley saturated with deionized water (which helps reduce color loss) then the rug is completely hand scrubbed front and back with a mild hypoallergenic soap. 

Step 4: Rinse: After the hand cleaning, the rug is thoroughly rinsed to remove all the soaps and treatments.

Step 5: Ringer: After rinsing the rug it is put through the ringer process eliminating all of the excess water.

Step 6: Dryer: After the ringer process, the rug is hung in the drying room where it sits overnight amongst blowers at a slightly elevated tempurature condition. This allows the rug to dry quickly which prevents moisture from sitting in the rug causing mildew. 

Step 7: Fringe: This is the final process where any fringe will be hand cleaned. 


*We provide pick-up and delivery services if required.*