Area Rugs in Tampa, FL

Area Rugs in Tampa, FL

Valid Nov 21 - Dec 21
Come visit us to see our wide variety of area rugs during our BOGO Sale. Rugs starting @ $49 for 2.

The design of a room is not complete without one or more area rugs in Tampa, FL. We highly recommend the use of custom rugs to add that extra touch for truly satisfying style, which our licensed designer and sales professionals will help achieve. So we have created the Area Rug of the Week Sale. Whether the rug covers most or all of the space or serves as an accent in a room, custom area rugs are essential to the successful design of your décor.

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Crafting Rugs to Order to Complement Your Decor

Our company was established in 1988 as a custom rug maker, and today, we continue to offer this valuable service to our customers. You know how hard it can be to find a particular item in the size, color, and style you want. This is as true for clothing as it is for rugs.

Come to us with your ideas in color, style, and texture. We can craft a rug especially for you. Placing a new rug in a room gives the entire space a new look and feel so it appears as if you remodeled. Bring softness, warmth, color, and unity to any space with one of our made-to-order rugs.

Using Area Rugs for Hard & Soft Surfaces

Rugs of all sizes and shapes contribute greatly to the appeal of any space. Of course, you need custom rugs in rooms with hard flooring, such as hardwood and tile. However, area rugs are just as valuable and beautiful in a space with carpeting. Adding an area rug will add softness, texture, pattern, and color to your room.

Rugs serve practical purposes, too. As well as feeling good under your feet--rugs protect your flooring. Place a rug underneath tables and chairs to keep the legs from scratching the floor. The rug will not only help anchor your room but bring artwork to your floor.

Countless Options in Selection & Style

Consider us your rug resource. We offer rugs from more than 70 manufacturers in different countries around the world so you benefit from the variety in selection and style. Choose rugs that are hooked or tufted, or hand or machine-loomed in silk, wool, or seagrass. Our rugs are decorated with needlepoint, knots, and fringe.

We are proud to offer a sumptuous array of gorgeous rugs and if one of these is not exactly right for your space, let us make you one that is. The different styles of rugs we carry include the following:

  • Hand Knotted
  • Handwoven
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Natural Fibers
  • Hand Tufted
  • Machine Made
  • Shag

Binding Rugs in our Full-Service Workroom

Our store is equipped with a full-service workroom so that we can offer custom service to our clients. One of the tasks our experts undertake in this workroom is binding. This is the work you see at the edges of rugs. Binding keeps rugs from unravelling and gives them those straight edges. Binding also allows for beautiful and artistic elements, such as adding fringe to the outside of a rug.

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