Carpet Stores in Tampa, FL

Carpet Stores in Tampa, FL

Carpeting is the right choice when you want sumptuous softness in floor coverings for your home. Come into our independently owned and operated carpet store and interiors in Tampa, FL, and browse our selection.

Our experienced sales professionals and licensed designers make it a point to educate ourselves continually on the latest styles and most recent innovations in both residential and commercial carpet. Keeping up-to-date allows our staff to be of greater service to our customers.

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Our Unique Carpet Selections

Who does not love the softness of carpeting underfoot? That feeling of comfort translates into a general sense of pleasure and well-being. This floor covering made of soft and colorful fibers is available in a wealth of styles, textures, and colors to complement any space in your home.

Select exclusive offerings available from The Dabbieri Collection® that are as beautifully styled as they are finely crafted. Choose broadloom carpeting at that is woven on large looms, so fewer seams are necessary during installation. Let us help you make the right selection with our expertise so we can provide the best carpet selection for your home. Our selection of carpeting includes the following options.

    • Commercial & Residential
    • Custom Design/Custom Color
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • British & New Zealand Wool
    • Viscose/Silk
    • Banana Silk/Bamboo Silk
    • Tencel
    • Lurex
    • Sisal/Seagrass/Jute
    • Stainmaster Nylon
    • Caress Nylon
    • Polyester/Olefin/Acrylic
    • Shag
    • Wilton/Axminster Weave
    • Floral & Patterned
    • Contemporary/Traditional
    • Printed
    • Carpet Tiles
    • Plush and/or Shimmery
    • Hand-Tufted
    • Oriental Design
    • Animal Print
    • Pet Proof
    • Boat Carpet

Master Craftsmen for Beautiful & Long-Lasting Installation

Schedule a day and time for our master installers to come to your home for professional carpet installation. You want the beauty and softness of your new flooring to last for many years. The best way to ensure that is with the help of our master craftsmen.

They thoroughly prepare the subfloor, making sure it is clean and dry before laying the padding and installing the carpeting. They measure accurately to ensure as few seams as possible. That is why broadloom is such a smart selection for your home. The width of this carpeting guarantees fewer seams and greater durability. We pride ourselves in detailed seam layouts and execution of excellent seam work.

Taking great care while installing your carpeting translates into tangible benefits. First, the flooring looks glorious when our installers are done. Plus, the carpeting and padding adhere securely to prevent wrinkles.

Area Rugs Soften & Enhance a Space

Area rugs add that finishing touch that complete any room. Rugs are the artwork for your floor. They are wonderful for spaces with hard floor coverings as they soften the appearance. These rugs also provide an essential design element that ties spaces together through the placement of these rugs, as well as the choice of color and fiber.

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